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The love of photography started rather young for Colin Yorke of the Carsand-Mosher Photographic family.  He vividly describes his earliest memory as being fascinated by his mother (Marianne Yorke) hand coloring portraits his father Carson had taken.  This was in his pre-school years and photography was firmly established in his family's DNA.

Fast forward 50 years later and the town of Truro was saddened to read of the Yorke family's decision to close Carsand-Mosher in February 2017. Having over 40 years experience in the business personally, and being the youngest brother in the Yorke family, Colin believed there were still opportunities in the photographic and printing market and launched Carsand Photo Imaging in March.

He provides services to individuals, professional photographers, small businesses, artists, designers and everything in between whether it is for home decor, offices, Etsy business's or stores.


102 Esplanade, Truro, NS   B2N 2K3